Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Aesthetics of Design
(in the land of great design)

May 16-18, 2014
Ascea, Italy

It is well-known, that aesthetics is expected to tell what we do know (or we can know) about beauty, the dainty and the dumpy, the ugly, and so on. The world is replete with designs, designers, and designed things, sounds, texts, etc. So what do aestheticians find is true to say about all this? E.g., about what is designing as an activity, and how if at all does it differ from other activities and makings like art- and craft-making, producing, fashioning, fabricating, manufacturing? Are designed objects distinct kinds of things from those of mere things, goods, arts and crafts? In what does the aesthetic excellence or beauty of a designed object consist? Do judgements of design excellence differ from judgements of natural beauty or art? What role does the function of designed things play in design excellence? Can one have “purely” aesthetic experiences of design, free from cognitive or moral or other implications?

Wassard Elea (wassardelea.blogspot.com) invites philosophers, design critics and theorists, and design practitioners to submit papers on any area of design aesthetics for this international conference (or intensive symposium, if you like). Sessions of 90 minutes include speaker, commentator, and discussion (40/20/30). Participants whose papers are accepted will be expected to also provide commentary on another presentation during the conference. All suitable contributions are published either simultaneously or subsequently in Wassard Elea Rivista.

Inquiries and proposals are welcome. Full papers (in English, prepared for blind review) are to be submitted to Professor Lars Aagaard-Mogensen, Via La Chiazzetta 27, I-84046 Ascea (Sa), Italy. Emailed submissions, word format, welcome to: wassard@tiscali.it

Deadline: Slots are limited, 4-5 remains for position papers.

Information on registration, accommodation and conference fee will be posted on proper date.

Invited & confirmed keynote: Prof. Jane Forsey (Winnipeg University), author of The Aesthetics of Design (Oxford University Press, 2013): “Can Design Speak?”
Prof. Thorsten Botz-Bornstein (Gulf University): “H-Sang Seung: Design is not Design”
Prof. Mads Nygaard Folkmann (Syddansk Universitet): ”tb c&a.”
Soirée hosted by Bill Paolini.

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