Tips and advice for visitors

You can have a very relaxing and productive time simply staying in Ascea, but if you wish to see more of Cilento, we recommend you hire a car for at least part of your stay. We can advise you on the best way to do this. Although the train service to Ascea Marina is regular, other public transport is infrequent and there are no taxis.

Italian houses are not centrally heated. From aproximately December to March, while the weather outside can often be like a summer's day in Northern Europe, the temperature in the house is likely to feel much lower. We provide portable heaters, but make sure you check the weather forecast and bring appropriate warm clothes. In this season, there can be dramatic thunderstorms and heavy downpours, so do bring waterproofs just in case.

There are some steep walks and the stairs in two of the apartments are quite steep. The apartments are really only suitable for averagely active people with no major health problems. If you are a little out of shape, however, walking around Ascea is a great way to get fit!

Please contact us if you need further advice. We will be happy to help.