About Wassard Elea

Wassard Elea offers people engaged on creative or scholarly projects the opportunity to work in the calm environment of a small Italian town, rich in history and set in the natural beauty of the Cilento National Park.

In 2003 Lars Aagaard-Mogensen, Professor of Philosophy, and Else Mogensen, Phd. in Classics, established themselves in the town of Ascea in Southern Italy. They offer artists, writers, composers, scholars and others short- or long-term residence on very favorable conditions. Professor Aagaard-Mogensen says: "Ascea offers us an incredibly inspiring place, nature, culture and quality of life, and we therefore believe that it can offer the same to like-minded people as well. By 'like-minded' we mean having a lifelong involvement in the arts and sciences. We think that artists, writers, composers and scholars of all kinds may benefit from the same conditions by being away, for not too short a time, from their usual lives in order to concentrate on subjects of their choice. You could also put it this way: here are the conditions which we, years ago, should have liked to have, so now we open the doors for others".

Application guidelines: There is no application form or deadline for applying. The primary prerequisite is genuine engagement in the arts and humanities. Those who are interested in staying in one of our apartments should send us a letter or e-mail with a brief description of the work/project they want to carry out during a residency. We would also like to receive a resumé and documentation about past work, publications, etc. We keep an archive with documentation and works by residents.

Contact Dr René Mogensen, Via La Chiazzetta 27, I-84046 Ascea (SA), Italy. Telephone: (+39) 338 712 8101
E-mail: WassardElea@gmail.com

The Cilento National Park