Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cook book recommendation - by Leila

I got hold of three River Cafe Pocket Books kind of by chance when I was living in Brussels. They weren't much use to me, either there or in the UK, because although the recipes are simple, the ingredients were either not easily available or, though available, weren't fresh or good enough to make the recipes work (mozarella, for example. Mozarella doesn't travel. Eat it south of Rome or not at all). But down here, they're perfect. I use them all the time. The recipes seem to be made for this area;; they use vegetables and herbs I can buy year-round, less than five minutes walk from my house, most of them are simple and quick to prepare, and taste delicious. So if you're planning to come down here and want a travel-sized cook book that you can really use, I recommend this series.

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